October 26th, 2012

Thermal is an openstack horizon web ui dashboard/panel that exposes heat functionality.

Some of the links in this post have been updated or moved.
Please see the updated post


There’s still a long way to go, this is simply to show proof of concept work integrated into horizon.

Current Features:
– upload a stack template, fill out its parameters and launch it
– delete a stack
– ajax status updating on a stack’s progress.

Planned features
– stack details and events
– load a template from a url
– template cataloging
– Heat HA support

Heat is currently in process of moving to launchpad, until then I don’t plan to generate wiki docs. I’m going to keep basic installation information updated in the README file for now.

Also, though none exist as of this writing, I’m planning to generate some github issues to keep up with what’s being done. File bugs and such there for now.

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